Who I See

For consultation: I am happy to talk with anyone of any age on the phone or in person on a consulting basis. My fee is $300/hour. Often, I can provide valuable advice that can help people focus on what is really important. I can review prior testing, provide referrals, listen to what’s going on, and be a supportive and knowledgeable sounding board.

For assessments: I work with students and the families of children, adolescents and young adults seeking guidance in nurturing learning. The clients I see have a range of profiles that include, but are not limited to:

  • Students who are clearly bright, yet are experiencing unexpected difficulty with some aspect of learning
  • Students who are intellectually gifted (or may be) and thus require appropriately challenging experiences, as well as a focus on the development of the whole child
  • Students who are twice-exceptional (or may be). Such students are bright or gifted, yet also have a learning weakness or disability, ADHD, executive function challenges, autism/Asperger’s, or some other impediment to learning
  • Students who have a learning disability or disabilities and whose families seek guidance on developing strengths and interests while simultaneously addressing areas of challenge
  • Students who have lost enthusiasm for school and would benefit from a learning plan that focuses on developing motivation through interests and strengths

I work best with Kindergarten-age children and above. My oldest client so far was 34. I’m probably not the best person to work with students who have significant developmental delays as I am more knowledgeable about students with above average ability. But I’ve found strengths in all the children I’ve worked with regardless of whether they are “gifted” or not. I do not do therapy. I’m also not as knowledgeable about primary emotional or behavioral problems (e.g. depression, mood disorder, behavioral dysregulation) as I am about cognitive and learning issues. However I do work with students who have social, emotional and/or behavioral problems that are secondary to or co-morbid with their learning profile (e.g. anxiety secondary to school struggles or ADHD). This is a pretty common occurrence. Learning challenges often cause emotional ones.

Although I am located in New York city I see clients from around the country and internationally. Clinicians with expertise in gifted and twice exceptional students are not very common, so families often need to travel to obtain the kind of specialized help I provide.