Who I See

I work with families of children, adolescents and young adults seeking guidance in nurturing learning. The clients I see have a range of profiles that include, but are not limited to:

  • Students who are bright, yet are experiencing unexpected difficulty with some aspect of learning
  • Students who are (or may be) intellectually gifted and require appropriately challenging experiences
  • Students who are (or may be) twice-exceptional
  • Students who have (or may have) a learning or other disability and require guidance on developing strengths and interests while simultaneously addressing areas of challenge
  • Students who have lost enthusiasm for school and would benefit from a learning plan focused on increasing motivation through interests and strengths
    I tend to work best with Kindergarten-age children and above, but occasionally I will do a gifted assessment with a preschool-age child. My oldest client so far has been 34.

I do not do ongoing therapy. However many of the parents and students I have assessed return to me as needed over the years to touch base on issues of concern.

I’m not as knowledgeable about primary emotional or behavioral problems (e.g. depression, mood disorder, behavioral challenges) as I am about cognitive and learning issues. If a parent approaches me with an issue that is predominately psychological (e.g. eating disorder, bipolar) I can provide a referral to another clinician. However I do routinely work with students who have social, emotional and/or behavioral problems secondary to or co-morbid with their learning profile (e.g. anxiety secondary to ADHD). It is sadly not uncommon for primary learning challenges to result in secondary emotional ones.

I am located in New York city, and see clients from around the country and internationally at my office on the upper east side.

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