Who I See

For assessments, I work with families of children, adolescents and adults seeking guidance in understanding their strengths and challenges and nurturing learning. The clients I see have a range of profiles that include, but are not limited to:

  • Bright students who are experiencing unexpected difficulty with some aspect of learning or academic production
  • Students who are (or may be) intellectually gifted
  • Students who are (or may be) twice-exceptional
  • Students who have (or may have) a learning or other disability and require guidance on developing strengths and interests while simultaneously addressing areas of challenge

For therapy, I work with children and adults. Most often, the adults I work with are the parent of a gifted or twice exceptional child seeking support in raising their child or with their own challenges. I am not trained in teaching families behavior management strategies, but can often provide a referral to someone who is.

I am located in New York city, and see assessment clients at my office on the upper east side. I  see therapy clients via telehealth, as long as the state in which they reside allows a New York licensed psychologist to do so. If the state does not, I may be able to provide consultation services to the family as an alternative.


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