Comprehensive Assessment: The comprehensive neuropsych assessment is focused on identifying the student’s complete profile of strengths and weaknesses as a learner. Each assessment is customized to address issues of concern raised by parents, teachers, and by students themselves, as well as deeply investigating any areas of strength or weakness I discover in the assessment process. Once a thorough understanding of the student’s intellectual, social, emotional, and behavioral profile has been developed, causal inferences are made to academic performance as well as to the student’s life outside of the academic realm. Detailed recommendations are provided for talent and skill development in areas of strength and interest, and remediation and accommodation in areas of weakness.

Gifted and Achievement Assessment: For families seeking a better understanding of their child’s intellectual needs, an abbreviated assessment consisting of intellectual ability/IQ testing, academic achievement testing, and an exploration of interests can be conducted. Recommendations are made for school placement, subject acceleration and enrichment, and talent development in and outside of school. If areas of weakness which may be associated with learning challenges are discovered in the process, families are informed of options ranging from directly addressing the weakness through remediation to proceeding to a comprehensive neuropsych assessment.

Consultation: Many families benefit from a phone or in-person consultation. Consultations involve a discussion of the presenting problem and recommendations for next steps the family might take. Prior testing can be reviewed and explained. Referrals may be made to other professionals. If a family starts with a consultation with me and decides to proceed to an assessment, any hourly fees paid for consultation will be deducted from the cost of the assessment.

Therapy: Children and/or parents may benefit from psychotherapy to directly address any challenges they are facing.

Presentations: I am available to speak to interested groups about neurodiversity, giftedness, and twice exceptionality.


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