I provide therapy services to children and adults. My rate is $300 for a 55-minute session. I do not take insurance, so families must pay in full, though I can provide a super bill once a month that can be submitted to an insurance company.

Therapy sessions are conducted via telehealth. There are varying restrictions by state that may or may not allow me, as a psychologist licensed in New York State, to provide therapy to a client residing in another state. The laws have been changing frequently during the pandemic, so enquiries from prospective out-of-state clients will be addressed as they arise.

Gifted and twice exceptional individuals may be prone to experiencing mental health challenges as a consequence of their exceptionalities. Over-sensitivity, intensity, feeling misunderstood, perfectionism, high expectations for achievement, imposter syndrome, feeling socially alone, and existential depression can be expressed differently in this population. My years of experience as a specialist in the gifted and twice exceptional informs my approach to supporting the people I work with in a therapeutic alliance.


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