I provide consultation services to parents, individuals, schools, and other organizations. I do so on an hourly fee basis ($350/hour, in 15-minute increments). I try hard in consultations to understand the problem and provide actionable steps that can be taken as the result of the discussion. Many families find that I am able to provide them with suggestions and a direction that does not necessitate an assessment for their child.

The types of questions and concerns that I am best qualified to help with include, but are not limited to:

  • Parents wondering if their child needs an assessment, therapy, some form of remediation, or not;
  • Parents wondering if their child might be gifted and whether they should have them tested;
  • Parents who have prior assessments of their child but wonder if they are accurate, don’t understand the assessment, or feel they need a better sense of direction and a clearer plan to implement;
  • Parents looking for enrichment opportunity ideas and advice on how to position their child well for optimal development and/or college applications;
  • Individuals – young and mature adults – who are curious about their own giftedness or twice-exceptionality and want to learn more about these subjects.

Please note that I am not a therapist and do not provide therapy, either in person or remotely. I am not a trained executive function coach, reading specialist, or other form of tutor (though I can often refer to great ones). I’m also not as knowledgeable about what I would describe as “primarily emotional or behavioral” problems, for example anxiety and depression. My areas of expertise are: cognitive development, strengths-focused development, academic achievement, giftedness, twice-exceptionality, learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism/Asperger’s.



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