Gifted and Achievement Testing

Gifted and achievement testing may be conducted because parents want to know if and how their child is gifted or understand their child’s “rage to learn” and advanced development further so they can provide learning experiences tailored to meet the child’s needs. Parents who are homeschooling may wish to ascertain that their school program is sufficiently “in-step” with expectations and will prepare their child well for the next step in their education. Grade-skipping, subject acceleration, and special programs may be considered.

My gifted and achievement assessment is different from the norm in that I focus deeply on sub-abilities in which an individual may be gifted - not just on a global IQ score. For example, a child may not have an IQ over 130, but may be exceptionally gifted in an important higher order reasoning ability such as fluid intelligence. I believe it is important to identify each individual’s “super powers” and provide recommendations for developing such talents. I also investigate interests, as these are the areas in which talent development can be most rewarding.

For more information see my blog post How Intelligent is Your Child....?



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