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Gifted and Achievement Testing

Gifted and achievement testing is helpful when parents want to know if (and how) their child is gifted, understand their child’s “rage to learn,” and receive guidance on providing learning experiences tailored to meet their child’s needs. Grade-skipping, subject acceleration, curriculum compacting, and special programs may be recommended.

My gifted and achievement assessments are different from the norm in that I focus on sub-abilities in which an individual may be gifted – not just on global IQ. Jake does not have an IQ over 130, but he is exceptionally gifted in fluid intelligence, a very important higher order reasoning ability involving inductive, deductive, scientific, and quantitative reasoning. I love to identify the “super powers” in each child and provide recommendations for developing special talents. Another way in which my assessments are different is that I investigate the child’s interests, as these are the areas in which talent development tends to be most rewarding.